February 5, 2009

Naming it

This post will be dedicated to the name I chose for my blog. Believe it or not, but the term 'bubble' came up many times on several of my interviews to business schools (on which I will elaborate later) while answering the question 'why MBA?' and 'why an international MBA?'. My answer was that for me, getting a top business school means not only acquiring top-notch business education and wide network of future leaders, but also 'open my eyes' to the possibilities that are out there... outside the 'bubble'.

Remember the 'Truman Show' film? Sometimes I feel that Israel is in a way a bubble. I'm not referring to the conspiracy of being watched, but to the state of mind of limited areas for development and very strict thinking patterns that the Israeli's share. Don't get me wrong here. I love the life here, the friendly people, the Jewish vs. Israeli mixture of traditions and the perceptions of what is wrong and what is right. However, when it comes to personal development and achieving one's dreams - this is, in a way, a bubble.

At least in the world I live, 90% of the people work in high-tech. All the rest are either going to work in high-tech or wish they had worked in high-tech. In my opinion this is pretty sad phenomenon. Not that the high-tech world isn't fascinating enough, but on the wider scale I would love to see more variety of perspectives. So I've decided to leave my terrific job at Intel's WiFi department to try to pinch-the-bubble.

Why not pop-the-bubble? Well... first of all that name is taken, but anyway the current name is the original one I was thinking about. The reason I prefer this one is that bubble is not always a bad thing. It is also a protective shield. Speaking philosophically, moving to London won't make that bubble pop. Attached to the Israeli culture and life with all my heart, I will probably carry it with me everywhere I go. Like an astronaut! I will just have to work on reducing its thickness and opening myself to the 'final frontier' a.k.a. the globe.


Revital, Israel said...

I love the concept. I definitely feel you have reciprocated my thoughts, and described them in the form of an elegant idea. I think that's what innovators do.