February 4, 2009

Time to Start

The concept of blogging is still a mystery to me, but having read many very helpful blogs, I've decided to start my own journey to explore this world of new expression methods. The bottom line in deciding to blog was a sentence I read in one of the other blogs. The person there explained that blogging for him is a method to organize his thoughts and to rethink from new perspective the subjects of his posts. Without any doubt the cyberspace exposure is not a very easy barrier to overcome. However, I'm ready to take the challenge.

Getting into the MBA program of LBS was the main trigger for me to start blogging. I always wanted to share the thoughts, considerations and ways to overcome obstacles with future applicants and people who consider top MBA program. My main topics would be MBA related, starting from the very beginning of the idea, the preparations and of course life in London (YEAHHHHH!!!!). If you find any of my posts interesting but would like me to elaborate - I would be more than glad to assist (and to know that someone really reads my ... thoughts ;)). On the other hand, if you find a post that is offensive and wish me to remove it or re-edit it - that's absolutely acceptable!


Nina said...

Hi Alex! I was wondering if I could contact you via email. let me know, thanks!!

Alex Tzukerman said...

Hey Nina,
of course!