March 11, 2009

The 'prestige' pill

Lately I've been wondering about the amount of deeds we do in the name of prestige. Specifically, what weight did the prestige had on my decision to choose the top-notch MBA path. To be absolutely honest - the prestige was important for me. The glamor, the suits, the power and all the rest of the 'sweets' are very tempting, and I think that in times we wrap it up in big 'leadership & vision' words. But... Is it that bad? I mean... if it wasn't for the prestige chasing, where would we be? Would we ever had the chance to see great leaders come and go? How many of the Nobel laureates and famous artists enrich the world with their great minds and talents if it wasn't for the 'prestige' reward?

One of my friends said that 'the prestige should be a pleasant side-effect, rather than the mission'. I totally agree with this statement. When I started my journey towards a top-notch MBA (in 2007), the financial atmosphere was intoxicating. People I've met in business schools I've visited in had the 'I'm going to be rich' look and everything was pretty promising. However, since then, the financial atmosphere has been 'slightly' changed - and I find it very positive in the sense of 'prestige chasing', at least for me. Today the main consideration is the studies, the exposure to the world and building myself as an expert in the business world. Of course the 'prestige' is still there - but in a more adequate dosage.


Revital, Israel said...

I think this is a great point, and it's even an inspiring way to view the finanicial crisis.

Alex Tzukerman said...

Thank you! :)