May 6, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I think that the hardest and the most ignored factor of the journey to LBS for me is saying goodbye. I don't refer only to the literal aspect of pronouncing the word, but to changing the mindset and leaving behind family, good friends, career, my natural environment and of course the life as I knew it up until now.

Last week I informed my team officially about the expected leaving. I still don't know how they and people around me at work will perceive it, but for me it was a really sad moment. A friend of mine says that I don't even realize that in a couple of months my future wife and I will be living a whole different life. Far far away from Israel. I think he is right...

You know, the moment that was the most significant in this transformation up until now was applying for visa to the UK, which is a very delicate process, and I will elaborate on it in my next post. Strangely, the bureaucracy around the whole process assists in repressing the actual outcomes, but that's probably part of the game.

As for leaving a working place with dignity, especially a place where I enjoyed working very much, and where I had the opportunity to sharpen my leadership experience and agenda, it is twice as hard. On one hand, you are thinking all the time about the exciting adventures waiting for you and how to make the immigration smoother. On the other, you want to make sure that the process is smooth for the team and the colleagues but feel tired after 4 years of hard work under pressure. This is very complex situation. 'Leaving a Legacy' is a phrase that I think about a lot lately.


Anonymous said...

Hey, sounds both sad and expiring. I wish you (I mean your wife and you) EVERY SUCCESS!!!
Your True Friend