November 14, 2009

I'm Bob the Sponge!

Honestly.. that's how I feel these days! The amount of data that goes through my brain and needs to be processed is enormous. It's not only the different cases and textbooks that we need to read before classes or for homework, but also the people we get to meet, the speakers that come to school to present their companies, the visits to different companies, newspapers, articles etc.

In a way MBA is like a time-machine. You go back to the time you had to decide on who you want to be when you'll grow up. But only this time, you have already something to refer to. Most of us come with successful careers and understand the importance of not only the reward, but also of the cultural fit, the potential growth and the exposure to new opportunities. But there's also one more thing I think we should consider.

I would like to use this post to present a
concept that I've been thinking about lately: "Excitement Management". In a sense, this is what we are doing when we make decisions related to our career or personal lives. This is what drives us to go to a trip to Kenya, try an ice-cream we've never tried before, buy a new suit, change position, change working place, and even write a blog ;).

I think that this is also an important tool for us to understand the way other people think and behave. This is especially important for managers who are responsible for working with their subordinates to shape their careers. In my experience as a manager, I found that managing the excitement of my team reinforced the motivation and created a better team work. By saying "managing the excitement" I don't imply turning the whole thing into a carnival, but rather to realize that once in a while every person needs his dose of excitement. Some people like big ones, some prefer small ones. So it has to be tailor-fitted or in other words: managed.

What do you think about this idea? Feel free to respond to this or any other post.

November 11, 2009

Linkedin Profile Enhancement In Less Than Three And A Half Minutes

Being visible, in my opinoin is very important for MBAs. I know that there are many concerns about the digital footprint and that by exposing yourself you can harm your image or limit your opportunities. But like a corporation, each and every one of us must run his own small PR department and another department for Marketing & Sales. Keeping your LinkedIn profile nice, professional and informative has more advantages than disadvantages:
- You are exposed to more opportunities
- You have the chance to tell your story to more people
- You might get an advice from a colleague that knows someone who knows someone who might be interested in a person like yourself.

Recently I found this nice article: Linkedin Profile Enhancement In Less Than Three And A Half Minutes. That explains really well how to get & use the LinkedIn profile button. You can use it not only on your blog/website, but also add it to your email signatures.

Enjoy! :)