December 22, 2009

460 Santas

Santa Pub Crawl is a great LBS tradition - all students wear Santa costumes and hang around the city centre to share the Christmas spirit, party and have fun. Here are some pictures from this year's event:

- Accepted Admissions Almanac - GMAT Volume Hits Record High

- Accepted Admissions Almanac - GMAT Volume Hits Record High

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December 21, 2009

What is a students club at b-school?

We're back to Israel for a short vacation between the autumn and the spring semesters. It's really nice to be back, especially when we have two weddings to party on with family and friends :)

Before I started my MBA I had a very vague clue about what is a students club at a business school. People talk about them so much, but not many truly know what stands behind it. I'll try to solve this riddle for you, in case you are interested. One small disclaimer - I will describer the way clubs are ran at LBS, assuming that it's not much different from other top business schools.

The whole administration of the communication is based on the LBS portal, where we have access to all information we need, like courses, career-services, room booking and discussion boards. The clubs are organised in form of discussion boards, so all you need to do to become an official member of a club is to sign up to the relevant discussion board. From this moment on, and until you cancel your subscription, you'll get every message posted on this board to your LBS e-mail.

On the other end of this discussion board is the executive committee elected every year. When we started our studies, we could apply for roles in these committees and this way become an influencing and active part of this club. The executive committee's role is to organise events, workshops and alert on relevant job posting. For example the Finance Club organises presentations of different banks and other financial institutes, visits to trading floors, workshops (for example: "Evaluation Workshop") and CV reviews by 2nd year students. The Consulting Club organises crack-a-case mock interviews to prepare you to the recruitment process, presentations by leading consulting companies and CV reviews.

I, for example, took the role of VP Marketing of the London Technology Summit that will take on February 19th, and is organised by the Technology Club. You can read all about it here.

There are two types of clubs: professional and social. You can find here the list of the clubs. I noticed that some are missing, like the Volunteering Club. But the list is long enough anyway ;)

For me the clubs, so far, have been an open door to explore different areas and cultures, even areas that I'm not necessarily wish to work in. It's another great opportunity to use the 2 years of your MBA to learn and to grow.

Good luck to all 2nd round applicants! ;)

December 13, 2009

Just another day in paradise

The term is now officially over for MBA2011 class and I have just finished my Economics home-exam. I can say with full confidence that it was a life changing period from the very first second. The challenge is to realise what's happening to you. In those four months, I feel that so much has happened. I live in a new country, met lots and lots of different/smart/driven/fun people, dream whole new different dreams (on the professional level of-course ;)), learnt new things (especially for career switchers like myself), eat different food and even wear new clothes once in a while - the locals call it a suit???!!

I was thinking of a way to pass to the readers of this blog the intensity of the programme and to reflect the eye opening experiences I've been through. So I decided to post my calendar for November 2009:

November 2009
It was a really crazy month... In case you ask what have I done in between the meetings scheduled above, I have an good answer: homework, homework, homework, exams preparations, CV rerere-write and job research.

What's next? Milk-round. This is that happy time of the year when first year MBAs officially start applying for summer internships. Good luck everyone! :)