December 13, 2009

Just another day in paradise

The term is now officially over for MBA2011 class and I have just finished my Economics home-exam. I can say with full confidence that it was a life changing period from the very first second. The challenge is to realise what's happening to you. In those four months, I feel that so much has happened. I live in a new country, met lots and lots of different/smart/driven/fun people, dream whole new different dreams (on the professional level of-course ;)), learnt new things (especially for career switchers like myself), eat different food and even wear new clothes once in a while - the locals call it a suit???!!

I was thinking of a way to pass to the readers of this blog the intensity of the programme and to reflect the eye opening experiences I've been through. So I decided to post my calendar for November 2009:

November 2009
It was a really crazy month... In case you ask what have I done in between the meetings scheduled above, I have an good answer: homework, homework, homework, exams preparations, CV rerere-write and job research.

What's next? Milk-round. This is that happy time of the year when first year MBAs officially start applying for summer internships. Good luck everyone! :)


Miguel said...

Hi Alex.

First of all, thanks for your blog. It is really educative for all MBA applicants, specially LBS prospective students like myself. I see that you are looking for a position in consulting (for the crack-a-case meetings and the consulting firms presentations marked in your calendar). How has you been your experience moving into consulting so far? What resources does LBS offer you to make this change easier?
Thanks in advance!
Miguel from Mexico

Alex Tzukerman said...

Hey Miguel,

Wow! Mexico!! That's really a great feeling to know that people from all over the world can benefit from the information.

I'm looking into various directions, and consulting is definitely one of them. Case preparation is, by the way, not only for consulting. I try to benefit from the whole experience of being is such a diverse environment and learn as much as I can both in class and outside the class. The clubs are a great way to widen your knowledge. Coming back to cases - many industry companies are using them and even banks. Personally, I think that this is one of the best ways to apply all the knowledge and skills you've gathered in classes.

As for the resources provided by LBS for people interested in consulting, I think that people here are doing a terrific job setting you up for this path. Besides the academic material, which is very relevant to the job (strategy, strategic problem solving, economics, managing organisational behaviour, even corporate finance etc.), the consulting club and the career services do a lot of very important and valuable work. First you get a lot of written material, case cracking workshops and mock interviews, companies' presentations and one-on-one advice sessions with people who have tons of work experience in the industry. You also have a wide network of alumni at your service who would be glad to meet you for a beer/tea/coffee to answer your questions.

I think that for a career switchers, such a support network is very important in building the founding blocks of your future career. Hope it helps!!! Tell if not, and I'll try harder ;)

Sridhar said...

Hey Alex,
Thanks for your article. I've blogged this at

Keep writing. We want know more about your life at LBS.

Alex Tzukerman said...

My pleasure Sridhar!