March 16, 2011

London Business School's Full Time MBA programme is taking new shape!

Today I received an email from the programme manager regarding some amazing changes expected in the structure of the Full-Time MBA programme at London Business School.

Some of the key changes include:

  • Themed terms: the new FTMBA will be comprised of themed terms which give a clear structure to the degree programme. Term 1 will be entitled Tools and Techniques, providing students with the 'nuts and bolts' of how businesses operate. Term 2 will cover Managing the Organisation. Having learnt the basic tools and techniques, the focus will move to a closer study of how organisations work and are structured. Term 3 will be themed around Engaging with the World, and will encourage students to think about how the organisation exists in the wider business environment. The theme of the second year is Independence and Maturity, with a much greater focus on the individual. Students will customise their learning experience through electives, international assignments and international exchange.

  • Location: many current FTMBA students have fed back that we need to make greater use of our location: we are in a unique position to exploit London. We want to reflect both our London location and our global community within our degree content. London will feature more heavily in our programme through the introduction of London Talks, lectures in iconic London locations, and London Business Experiences, visits to London-based companies. We will reflect the global community that works and studies here by increasing the international context of the degree, through global course materials and case studies. We will introduce a compulsory international assignment in the second year. The international assignment currently works well within Sloan and the Executive MBA.

  • Leadership: the aim of the new programme will be to equip our FTMBA students to become 'effective global leaders'. The theme of leadership will run throughout the programme, in the context of academic, careers and student activities. It will be introduced in pre-programme activity with Leadership Launch, a series of activities focused on building leadership skills and revisited at Capstone to close off the programme.

  • Rigour: we have thought hard about the amount of rigour and challenge within the programme, as we have received feedback from you that this could be improved. We will make changes to the assessment processes for course teaching and content to ensure the programme is as rigorous as can be. We will also help students improve competence in their weaker subjects before they arrive on campus, and will review which courses have a waiver option.

Looks exciting! :)


SYCO said...

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Katie said...

That should be really good for their program. It seems like a lot of schools are staying up to date and making changes. Thunderbird School of Global Management seems to have newer programs now for executive education and distance learning MBA online programs.

Manoj Vyas said...

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